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From this section it is possible to access to a collection of Research Papers on the impact of translations on the history of economic thought produced by the EE-T partner Universities. A report of the transnational discussion of the research papers produced is available at this link.


Sophie de Grouchy's Translation of the Theory of Moral Sentiments

The French Translation of Keynes's General Theory

French Translations of Ricardo's the Principles

La Théorie Générale

Ralph George Hawtrey, Charles Rist and the French Translation of Currency and Credit

Les Traductions de Carl Menger

Nineteenth-Century French Liberal Economists' Reading of Ricardo

The 1828 French Translation of Bentham's Defense of Usury

The French Translation of Keynes' s General Theory - Terminological Problems

The French Translation of Keynes's General Theory - Timing and Personal Context

Quelques anomalies de la traduction de Germain Garnier de la Richesse des nations


German Translations of Piero Sraffa's Production

The German Edition of Keynes's General Theory

German editions of David Ricardo's on the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation

German Translations of Friedman's Presidential Address

Translations of Schumpeter's Work

German Editions of Alfred Marshall's Principles

An Analysis of the German Translation of Samuelson_s and Solow_s Analytical Aspects of Anti-Inflation Policy

German editions of Smith's Wealth of Nations

Hagemann - The German Edition of Irving Fisher's The Purchasing Power of Money


The Adventures of Marx in Greece

Translation of Economics into the Greek Language

The Journal Nea Economia

Translating Economics into Greek

The Dimension of Social Cost in the Work of K.W. Kapp

Adam Smith in Greece

David Ricardo. Life, original ideas and the greek translation of his works

Echoes of the Language. Question in the translations of economical texts into Greek




La ricezione italiana di un’opera cardine del pensiero liberale argentino

Le Petit Manuel d'Economie Politique

Attori, traduttori, reti

Economia politica e pubblica economia nella cultura economica toscana del XIX secolo

Editions and translations of David Hume's political discourses

Otto Hubner - Der Kleine Volkswirt

The Brazilian translation of Luigi Cossa

The Italian translation of the Cartas

La ricezione della letteratura economica anglosassone nella Sicilia del 1812

Specialized Translators at Work During the Risorgimento

Hubner's reception in the lusophome area

La Circolazione delle Idee Economiche nel XVIII Secolo

Translation of economic texts into and from European Languages


A Partial Spectator - the Portuguese Translation of the Wealth of Nations

Portuguese Catholic Social Activists

Readings and Translations of Karl Marx in Portugal

The Present Crisis and the Recent Portuguese Translations of Keynes

Transmission and Appropriation of Economic Knowledge

Forbonnais's First Portuguese Translation

Portuguese Translations of Economic Texts

The Writing of Texts of Political Economy - A Case Study on Translation Practices

Words to Business - Language Contact and Lexical Innovation


Austrian School of Thought Interference Romanian

The Impact of the Translations of Keynes Works on Romanian Economy

The Marxist influence on the Romanian interbelic economic thinking

Exploring Effects of Book Translation in History of Economics

Keynesismul Interventionism si Crize Economice

Neoliberalism, Peasantism and Protectionism in Romania

Scoala Austriaca si Provocarile Intelectuale

Teaching and Learning Economy Through New Technologies

The Impact of the Translations of History of Economic Thought

ICT Innovation for Teaching and Learning the History of Economic Thought - the EE-T Projet Database


Nacimiento de la Ciencia Economica

Translations of History Economic Texts into Spanish

El Pensamiento Economico de Georg Simmel

La Reception de la Obra de J. B. Say en Espana

The Economic Writings of Sir William Petty

The Reception of Jean-Baptiste Say's Work in Spain

Handbooks in Universities

EE-T and Didactics

Analysis of Three Different Spanish Translations of Karl Marx's Das Kapital

Translation Wealth of Nations into Spanish

Analysis of Three Different Spanish Translations of Karl Marx_S Das Kapital

The Economic Thought of Georg Simmel Spreading in Spain

Traducción y censura en la Espana de finales del XVIII


Adaptation as an Original Genre in the Ottoman Economic Thought

Artificial Selection in the Industry of Publications

Impact of Translated Texts on Health Economics

A Comparison Between Schumpeter and Keynes

The Greater Look on Veblen's Work

The Translations and reception of Karl Polanyi's

The Turkish Editions of Paul Krugman's

Gramsci Again Contextualising Gramsci Translations in Turkish

On the Unintended Consequences of the Turkish Mistranslation of E.K. Hunt's History of Economic Thought


15 September 2013 The EET International Conference

The international conference entitled Translations of Economic Texts into and from European Languages, organized in the framework of the EE-T project, was held at the University of Pisa (Italy) on 11 to 13 September. The aim of the conference was to present the results of researches carried out throughout Europe on the international circulation of economic ideas through translations and adaptations of economic texts. The three days event was attended by around 100 participants representing: lecturers, researchers, students in the field of history of economic thought. More information is available in the Events section