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The purpose of the exploitation activity is to enhance the EE-T project impact, foster its visibility and ensure its sustainability.

As a result of the exploitation activity:
  1. A number of associated partners officially joined the EE-T project in order to contribute to the improvement of its impact on the target groups and to ensure the project sustainability.
  2. Press releases were published providing information and contact details about the EE-T Project by several educational web sites


15 September 2013 The EET International Conference

The international conference entitled Translations of Economic Texts into and from European Languages, organized in the framework of the EE-T project, was held at the University of Pisa (Italy) on 11 to 13 September. The aim of the conference was to present the results of researches carried out throughout Europe on the international circulation of economic ideas through translations and adaptations of economic texts. The three days event was attended by around 100 participants representing: lecturers, researchers, students in the field of history of economic thought. More information is available in the Events section